Your Expert Guide To Avaya Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting an Avaya IP phone is an uncommon necessity, however no IP phone is completely immune to issues that need identifying and solving.  For users that are not taking advantage of monitoring software, it is possible to attempt to conduct Avaya troubleshooting yourself with a little guidance.

Voice Echo

  • The most commonly reported problem with IP software is Voice Echo through the handset
  • The cause of this is either your or the other persons phone having the volume at too high a level.
  • This can be solved by placing your hand over the handset microphone, which will block the receiving sound if it is your phone that is up too loud.
  • If the echo continues, the other handset needs to have the volume turned down.

Voice Cutting Out

  • The second most common problem is the Voice Cutting Out periodically.
  • This is caused by low or poor bandwidth which is usually the result of the internet speed.
  • A solution may be achieved by trying to use the device without a headset or earphones if they are being used.
  • Signing out of the Avaya app and then signing on again can also help
  • Often moving location can solve the problem, especially if you are using wi-fi.  Avoid metal or water that can interrupt or block the wi-fi signal.  Try to find a stronger network.
  • Another cause of this problem may be that more than one IP phone in an organisation is using the same address on a network.
  • One solution is to restart the phone, or arrange for your phone to be assigned a static address.

Email address not recognized or connecting

  • The installation process does not include entering an email address.
  • If you wish to add a web address at this stage, click the gear symbol on the app screen which will allow you to do so.

Avaya app not connecting to previously provided web address 

  • Check you are entering the correct address
  • Repeat the process in the web browser

Network issues 

Other issues that can cause problems with IP phone connections are failures within the network that result in jitter, latency, and packet loss.

Avaya software troubleshooting, including all IP phones and softphones, IP agents, digital phones, and analogue phones can be conducted more efficiently by installing monitoring software such as IR Collaborate.  This kind of tool will provide real-time experience measurement to all Avaya customers and allows  full visibility of a business’s Unified Communications and Contact Centre systems.

A monitoring tool will detect, identify, troubleshoot and resolve audio and video issues, and will provide end to end visibility, and alerts to the user. IR Collaborate allows the user to view performance metrics in detail.  This can include CPU and memory utilization, latency, and the interface status and deployment.

Without having to spend time identifying and solving issues in house, customer interactions and business communications can be the priority, and can be conducted with full confidence in the Avaya IP devices.


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