How Virtual Call Centers Flourished During COVID

Truth be told, our lives have been leaning towards the more virtual side of things for a while now. Smart devices allow us to consult with the likes of Siri and Alexa about everything from a romantic playlist to the latest news or the weather. Smart light bulbs can be turned on or off from our phones. Soon, fleets of driverless cars will take us to and from work. It’s a brave new world out there, and the virtual realm is taking every industry by storm.

Within this environment of rapid technological advancement, the COVID-19 pandemic took the stage and ripped apart our social norms and ways of life. In response, we saw even more rapid visualization. Online classes, online Telehealth appointments, home office setups, and more abounded and continue to be the “new normal.” When it comes to the world of customer service, this tup towards the virtual gave the industry just the push it needed to fully accept the bright and shiny new technologies that were already revolutionizing things.

No longer do call center agents need to occupy desks in a sea of cubicles, as they did at a traditional call center, fielding phone calls on shared headsets. Now, virtual call centers are far more accepted, and this shift is for the betterment of large and small businesses alike. Let’s take a look at how, in the time of COVID-19, virtual call center technology is making all the difference.

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Virtual call centers make it safer for customer service agents.

The most important thing we can do now, as a society, is to stop the spread of the virus and keep one another safe. That being said, we can’t very well sit at home and twiddle our thumbs forever. The economy basically collapsed when the world went into a shutdown period of isolation in early 2020, but that’s not exactly sustainable.

People need income, and large and small businesses have been trying to figure out how best to keep their employees employed, while not endangering them. For call center companies, this has been made possible through the advent of virtual call center solutions.

Now, whether you’re running outbound call centers or receiving inbound calls about customer issues, your agents can take those calls from their own homes. The virtual call center agent’s dashboard is synced to the larger system, so the next at-home customer service rep or outbound callers can pick up where they left off, with all the customer experience information at their fingertips. No virus, no problem.

Virtual call center solutions can serve a number of industries.

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant unemployment crisis encouraged many people who may have been nervous about entrepreneurship to start their own small businesses. All of these new visionaries are occupying space in myriad industries, and they all need customer support professionals to help them out.

With a decentralized call center, you can have call center agents logging on in different time zones, all over the world. You can have teams of virtual call center agents trained in a variety of industries. Your call center agents can work with t-shirt sellers in Chattanooga, TN one day and software developers in San Francisco, CA the next. That’s the magic of a virtual call center.

Virtual call centers lean into the gig economy.

Our economy is shifting into a “gig economy” where independent contractors are the norm—and that’s only become more true in the wake of COVID-19. With a team of remote call center agents, you can harness those up-and-coming independent contractors and employ them at your contact center. With more customer service representatives working more hours in more time zones, you’ll optimize your customer experience.

Plus, you’ll be doing the smart thing for your business at the same time. Don’t fight the gig economy, lean into it by hiring independent contractors as your virtual call center agents. The virtual call center software tools are there to make it easy, as the wave of new virtual call centers has shown.

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